Don’t let cartridges clog your operation

The lubrication oil filter is a very small component of a very large engine, but its performance is critical. If the filter clogs or needs to be changed, your operation stops.

Our solution? Alfa Laval Moatti 180 automatic, continuously back-flushing filters. Tough and reliable, they are designed to keep lubrication oil cleaner for longer, protecting your engine and ensuring critical machinery runs smoothly.

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The tiny component that makes a big difference

The Alfa Laval Moatti 180 filter was specially developed for lubrication oil in large diesel engines. By design, the maintenance schedule of a Moatti automatic filter is seamlessly coordinated with the engine it protects, ensuring that critical machinery continues to run smoothly, and operations stop only when planned to.

High performance with compact design

Our most compact system yet, the Alfa Laval Moatti 180 doesn’t compromise on filtering area. It delivers high efficiency fine filtration with virtually no pressure drop. It is available in several configurations for fuel oil and lube oil filtration in most four-stroke engines, or fuel oil and hydraulic control oil filtration in most two-stroke engines.

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Service made simple

When you choose Moatti, combined with the Alfa Laval Moatti ReMan service solution, you’re choosing trouble-free operation and peace of mind throughout the entire lifetime of your engine. The Alfa Laval Moatti ReMan service solution guarantees you a fully warranted remanufactured filter, certified by Alfa Laval, that meets all specifications.


Innovative Alfa Laval Atrium 2.0 technology

The filter media of an Alfa Laval Moatti 180 is continuously backflushed. Unlike sequential backflushing, this prevents even the temporary accumulation of pollutants, and thanks to the Atrium 2.0 technology the pressure drop during operation is minimized. And Moatti filters can be combined with pressure-driven centrifuges, for truly unparalleled performance.


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