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We remove many gigawatts of energy from data centers all over the world every day

How different flow rates impact gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers

Learn from Alfa Laval Data Center Cooling expert, Cosimo Pecchioli, about how different flow rates impact gasketed plate and frame heat exchanger performance, and how to efficiently solve the issue with asymmetrical plate designs.

Free cooling in data center server rooms

Alfa Laval data center cooling expert, Cosimo Pecchioli, explains free cooling and how it can be used to cool server rooms. You'll also learn how to optimize gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers based on your specific needs.

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世界で最新のガスケットプレート式熱交換器をご紹介します。 当社の新しいガスケットプレート式熱交換器は、より大きな効率、信頼性、保守性をもたらします。

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