Don’t lose control over your fuel viscosity

For your engine to operate safely and correctly, the fuel must be delivered within the viscosity limits specified by the manufacturer. This is more difficult today, due to multi-fuel operations and the differing viscosities of low-sulphur fuels – which fluctuate from bunker to bunker. To prevent pump seizure, fuel injection issues and possibly loss of propulsion, fuel viscosity must be controlled with cooling and modern automation.

Alfa Laval ACS

The Alfa Laval Automated Fuel Changeover System (ACS) provides existing fuel conditioning systems with sophisticated automation and temperature control. It ensures safe changeover by smoothly ramping viscosity to keep it within specified limits.


Alfa Laval ALP pumps

Low fuel viscosity places different demands on pumps, creating the risk of pump leakage and fuel losses. Alfa Laval ALP pumps are rotary displacement pumps with a three-screw design, able to handle today’s lower-viscosity fuels.