Fuel line equipment upgrades

As regulations and fuels change, your fuel line equipment needs to keep in step. Alfa Laval experts can help you upgrade individual fuel line components in preparation for 2020 – or your entire fuel line process according to our Alfa Laval Adaptive Fuel Line concept. The Alfa Laval Adaptive Fuel Line enhances engine protection and energy efficiency by creating a single, flexible process that responds to changes and challenges in real time.

Separation Efficiency Upgrade

Protect your engine and your business with the Alfa Laval Separation Efficiency Upgrade. This service offering upgrades your existing Alfa Laval S separator with the latest generation Alfa Laval disc stack, improving separation efficiency by up to 30%. Readily available and quickly installed, the upgrade boosts your engine protection to the highest level - and is the fastest way to get CFR-certified performance.

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CFR-certified S separators

With their ALCAP™ technology, Alfa Laval S separators provide uninterrupted cleaning of the most challenging fuels. Their ability to remove cat fines is verified by Certified Flow Rate (CFR) testing according to the marine Separation Performance Standard, CWA 15375.

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Moatti 10-micron filters

Automatic Alfa Laval Moatti fuel oil filters provide effective full-flow filtration, removing cat fines down to a size of 10 microns (μm) or less. The robust filters meet today’s stricter engine maker specifications and offer a stronger line of defence against unpredictable fuels.

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Automated Fuel Changeover System (ACS)

The Alfa Laval Automated Fuel Changeover System (ACS) is a reliable, fully automatic system that facilitates fuel oil changeover while keeping fuel viscosity within the limits set by engine manufacturers. It ensures a safe changeover process without thermal shocks or viscosity drops.

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Alfa Laval FlowSync synchronizes the oil feed to Alfa Laval separators with the engine load, thus improving both engine protection and energy efficiency. Matching the engine’s needs increases retention time in the bowl and gives separators the best possible conditions for doing their job.

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ALP three-screw pumps

Alfa Laval ALP three-screw pumps are developed for lowest operating cost and highest reliability with specific focus on the marine industry. ALP is the obvious choice for handling of fuel and lubricating oils

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