Don’t let temperature change your fuel properties

Today’s low-sulphur fuels are often more paraffinic and have a higher pour point than HFO. If they become too cool, the paraffin content can precipitate as wax, clogging both filters and separators. Returning the fuel to liquid form is difficult once this happens, which makes it vital to keep the fuel temperature above the pour point.

Alfa Laval HEATPAC® EHS-71

Retrofitting the Alfa Laval HEATPAC EHS-71 can keep fuel temperature in the correct range. This automatic electric system heats mineral oil in tanks or before separation, providing instant-response temperature control with an accuracy of ±1°C.


Alfa Laval FlowSync

When wax or sludge appears in a separator, looking at fuel heating or incompatibility issues is first priority. However, minor precipitation may be possible to remove by increasing discharge intervals and reducing the feed with Alfa Laval FlowSync.