H series

Alfa Laval H Series dairy separators are specifically engineered for milk skimming. These hot milk separators include industry-leading innovations to help dairies of all sizes achieve premium milk quality at low operational costs. This includes Alfa Laval’s unique Hermetic Design, which ensures smooth product acceleration for improved skimming efficiency and unmatched process flexibility.

Alfa Laval H Series

Superior skimming efficiency to preserve milk quality

  • Alfa Laval’s unique bottom-fed Hermetic Design provides superior skimming efficiency and maintains premium product quality
  • The bottom-fed design reduces shear forces for gentle product treatment that preserves the size of the fat globules
  • Hermetic seals on inlet and outlet prevent oxidation and reduce the foaming of the milk
  • Easy adaptation to process conditions provides increased production flexibility and efficient CIP
  • Energy savings of up to 60% thanks to the Hermetic Design

A wide range of hot milk separators

The Alfa Laval H Series has been specially developed for milk skimming. With a wide range of models, there is an H Series separator that is suitable for any dairy. They are also the market’s only separators with Alfa Laval’s bottom-fed Hermetic Design, ensuring far greater energy efficiency compared to traditional centrifuges. This is due to a combination of gentle product treatment and the use of efficient built-in pumps instead of paring discs. The result is more sustainable separation that simultaneously reduces your carbon footprint and your OPEX. Built with high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, our H Series hot milk separators are also proven to meet the highest hygienic standards with low total cost of ownership over a prolonged equipment lifecycle.


Saving energy, cutting costs

Alfa Laval separators with Hermetic Design are the most energy-efficient on the market. When our unique eMotion technology is added, minimized air friction brings additional power reduction. Combined, our unique design and technologies can deliver up to 70% energy reduction compared to non-hermetic alternatives on the market.

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Sustainable is our standard

Alfa Laval wants to help dairy producers make optimal use of every resource in their process. That’s why we build high-efficiency dairy separators that prevent product waste while consuming less energy and water, thanks to unique innovations. Letting you deliver top-quality products that leave a smaller environmental footprint.

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Where to use Alfa Laval H Series hot milk separators

Where to use the H Series

Common applications: butter and spread production; cheese production; ice cream production; milk and cream processing; yogurt and cultured milk production





Hermetic Design

Gentle acceleration, powerful efficiency

A unique air-tight bowl that enables improved product quality and drastically reduces power consumption.



Mechanical simplicity for higher efficiency and lower costs

A direct-drive system with fewer rotating parts that minimizes both maintenance and energy costs.



New levels of capacity and hygiene

A radical new disc design that decreases cleaning needs while increasing flow rate by up to 20%.



Double the output per kWh

An innovation to minimize friction, which cuts the separator´s energy consumption and CO2 footprint by up to 70%.



Outstanding solids capacity

Continuous solid discharge ensures an intact and highly concentrated stream for onward processing or as a valuable by-product. This makes it possible to increase separation capacity.

Separators for every application

Alfa Laval was born from the invention of the modern milk separator. Today, we cover the full scope of dairy separation applications. With unique innovations to increase profitability and sustainability in your process, no matter your product. Check our full portfolio!

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生産ラインのアップグレードや概念実証の実施に関わらず、Alfa Lavalは適切なセパレータソリューションを自信を持って選択するお手伝いをします。お気軽にお問い合わせいただければ、テストセンターでの相談や試験の手配、または現場でのテスト用のユニットのレンタルについてご案内いたします。

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Alfa Laval separation equipment plays a critical role in all types of dairies, in all parts of the world. To best serve this market, we work with Tetra Pak as our Global Alliance partner and other selected process integrators in selected regions. Please contact us to connect to an Alfa Laval partner in your region.


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