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Separation technologies


Alfa Laval offers a wide range of separation equipment. Products are based on our four separation technologies:

  • Decanter centrifuges are used in applications with large particle sizes and high concentrations of solids.
  • Disc stack centrifuges are the preferred choice where solids concentrations are lower and particle sizes are relatively small.
  • Membranes filter out the smallest particles and require low concentrations.
  • Evaporators and condensers separate fluids with different boiling temperatures.

These different technologies lets us create systems that match your specific requirements perfectly and offer maximum return on investment. 

Decanter and disc stack centrifuges

Decanter and disk stack centrifuges use the centrifugal force to perform separation. They are capable of separating out one or two liquids from the solids and offer several benefits compared to traditional solutions such as filter presses and settling tanks:

Higher separation efficiency

  • Lower operating cost (power, water, chemicals, labour)
  • Continuous, fully automatic operation – including cleaning
  • Much smaller installation
  • Contained process without odours or dust


Click the links to learn more about our decanter and disk stack centrifuges for the pulp and paper industries:

 P2 decanter centrifuge range 

PX disc stack centrifuge range 


Alfa Laval’s range of membranes covers all kinds of filtration. Our products are used for separating out everything from suspended solids to single atoms. Our membranes operate according to the cross-flow principle and have many advantages over competing technologies:

  • Higher yield and product quality
  • No filter cake – consistent flow and product quality
  • Easy to expand thanks to modular design
  • High reliability and fully automated operation
  • Low operating and installation costs


Click the links to learn more about our membrane solutions for the pulp and paper industries:

 Module M39L/M39H membrane filtration systems 

Condensers and evaporators

All Alfa Laval’s heat exchangers for condensation and evaporation applications are compact heat exchangers, giving them a much higher thermal efficiency than shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Compact heat exchangers have many benefits over shell-and-tubes:

  • Condensers require less cooling water, alternatively can use warmer cooling water.
  • Evaporators can use less steam or cheaper, low-grade steam.
  • Very compact size, meaning they can be installed more or less anywhere, for example on top of a distillation column.
  • Minimum installation costs thanks to compact size.
  • Robust and reliable design  
  • Less prone to fouling thanks to highly turbulent flow
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low pressure drop


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Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers 


Tall oil production in Södra Cell’s Värö pulp mill


Södra Cell installed a Pinola TOPP system for tall oil production at its Värö pulp mill. 

 Värö pulp mill story 

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