Gas combustion

During the last decade, the major part of new-building LNG carriers have changed main propulsion system from steam turbine into Dual Fuel Diesel Electric (DFDE) propulsion. The use of DFDE engines or the new generation 2-stroke DF engines provides LNG ship-owners and operators with economical and environmentally sound alternatives to traditional systems. Combined with proven technology and simplicity in design makes the Alfa Laval GCU the clear choice for today’s LNG Carriers.

Gas Combustion

Efficient Gas Combustion Unit

  • Simple and compact design without any moving parts inside the combustion chamber
  • Combined combustion and dilution fans that do not require silencers or duct pipes
  • All metallic combustion chamber with no refractory lining
  • Electric ignites instead of an oil pilot and associated equipment
  • Induct burner type that offers a robust and extremely reliable design

Part of a growing LNG portfolio

The Alfa Laval Gas Combustion Unit (GCU) is a central component of boil-off management strategy. It provides a reliable, simple and compact means of safely dealing with excess boil-off gas on LNG carriers with dual-fuel or low-speed dual-fuel engines.

The GCU is joined by inert gas generators, burners, boilers, heat exchangers and more to form an extensive portfolio of Alfa Laval solutions for use with LNG. As fuel choices and cargo needs grow even more specialized, more LNG solutions and other vessel-specific equipment will follow.

Alfa Laval Gas Combustion Unit

GCU 4 640x360

アルファ・ラバル テスト&トレーニングセンター - 未来を拓く

アルファ・ラバルの排ガス洗浄ソリューションおよび水洗浄技術は、アルファ・ラバル テスト&トレーニングセンターで進化を続けています。 ここで我々の船舶機器とアプリケーションは、外航船のスケールで試験されており、海上では実現できない制御と利便性を備えています。

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