Calibration for PureBallast

For your Alfa Laval PureBallast system to function correctly, all sensors and transmitters must provide correct values to the control system. Calibration by Alfa Laval is a simple and cost-saving way to make sure they do.

What we do

During the service, we calibrate or – where necessary –replace sensors, transmitters and metering equipment. By doing this for multiple components at once, time and money are saved in the calibration process.

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マリンエマージャンシーサービスについては、+46 4636 7700までお電話ください。


  • You can be certain of system performance
  • You know that all sensors and transmitters work as they should
  • Your system retains its type approval
  • You save time and money when multiple components are calibrated at once

Scope of supply

  • Reactor UV sensor*
  • Calibration certificate

* Applies only to certain PureBallast systems. Calibrated by exchange.

Scope of service

During the service, we calibrate the following equipment:

  • Flow meter
  • Reactor UV sensor*
  • Reactor temperature transmitter
  • Reactor temperature switch
  • Reactor level switch
  • Pressure transmitter – main
  • Pressure transmitter – filter
  • Pressure transmitter – lamp drive cabinet
  • Pressure gauge

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