Get the most out of high-density cell fermentations with PureFerm bioprocessing centrifuges, featuring unique Alfa Laval technologies for continuous solids removal and gentle, foam-free treatment with up to 40% power savings compared to traditional top-fed centrifuges. High product recovery yield and low energy consumption makes PureFerm the ideal harvesting and purification solution for profitable next-generation food manufacturing.

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Bioprocessing centrifuges with superior cell separation performance

  • Efficient solids handling with continuous solids removal
  • Up to 40% lower power consumption with Hermetic Design
  • Hermetic Design minimizes shear for gentle cell treatment
  • Bowl completely with fluid prevents oxygen pickup and foaming
  • Easy operation: automated process control

Efficient cell culture separation poses significant challenges to profitable bioprocessing. The complex and delicate nature of cells requires careful handling to prevent damage or loss of viability. Scaling up the process while maintaining high productivity can become a hurdle, as filtration and other separation systems may not give satisfactory results. 

Through continuous and highly efficient separation of large volumes, PureFerm centrifuges bring improved productivity to next-generation food and other bioprocessing applications. Drawing on unique Alfa Laval technologies such as Hermetic Design and Bactofuge – continuous solids discharge -, the PureFerm platform adds scalability, profitability, and unmatched energy efficiency to your process. 

The PureFerm range 

PureFerm centrifuges come in different sizes to meet your bioprocessing needs. All provide high-efficiency separation with continuous solids removal, gentle product handling, and minimized oxygen pick-up, together with low energy consumption.  

PureFerm 250 

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  • Max capacity: 10 000 l/h 
  • Small footprint, skid mounted separator with control system 
  • Easy to install and start up 

PureFerm 750 

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  • Max capacity: 25 000 l/h 
  • Modular design with control system 
  • Available with eMotion for added energy efficiency
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Where to use PureFerm

Common applications: Harvesting, purification, and clarification of fermentations in next-generation food, bioprocessing, cellular agriculture, precision fermentation, and biomass fermentation.






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Better separation results with Hermetic Design 

Hermetic Design is a proprietary Alfa Laval technology. It improves product handling and energy efficiency in a wide range of separation applications. The bottom-fed bowl filled completely with fluids enables gentle acceleration of media, with minimal oxygen pick-up. 

Learn more about Hermetic Design 


生産ラインのアップグレードや概念実証の実施に関わらず、Alfa Lavalは適切なセパレータソリューションを自信を持って選択するお手伝いをします。お気軽にお問い合わせいただければ、テストセンターでの相談や試験の手配、または現場でのテスト用のユニットのレンタルについてご案内いたします。

Testing separation solutions


世界の増加する人口は、私たちの惑星を害することなく生産された栄養豊富でおいしい食べ物に値します。食品の風景は、画期的な研究と最先端の技術を通じて変化しています。Alfa Lavalは、この変革に類を見ない分離技術の専門知識を提供します:セルラーアグリカルチャーのような次世代の食品プロセスにスケーラビリティ、収益性、およびリソース効率をもたらします。

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