Alfa Laval - 無機化学


コストの上昇、厳しい規制、世界的な競争が、今日の無機化学製品の製造を形作っています。 アルファ・ラバルではこれまでの知識と製品で、お客様のコスト削減、競争力を改善します。卓越した結果を得るには、伝熱、分離、凝縮、蒸発のための信頼性の高い効率的なソリューションをご利用ください。 これらは、コスト、エネルギー使用、環境への影響を削減しながら生産性を向上させます。


Optimizing inorganic chemical manufacturing

Producing inorganic chemicals – from sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide to soda ash, caustic soda and fertilizers – is vital to the global economy.

To maximize inorganic chemical production processes, you can depend on Alfa Laval. With vast expertise and a broad range of equipment and services, Alfa Laval consistently handles the toughest of jobs – reliably, energy-efficiently and cost-effectively.

Whether working directly with Alfa Laval or one of our authorized partners, you are assured of the most innovative and efficient inorganic chemical manufacturing systems. Thanks to our global service network with service centres located strategically close to our customers, Alfa Laval service engineers and our long-lasting high-quality spare parts are always close at hand, wherever in the world you happen to be.