Service Kits for freshwater generators

Regular maintenance according to recommended service intervals is essential to safeguarding the performance of your freshwater generator and preventing unplanned downtime. Alfa Laval Service Kits simplify your maintenance activities, saving you both time and money.

What we do

Based on years of experience, our experts have developed Alfa Laval Service Kits that include everything you need for planned maintenance. Kits are available to help you throughout the lifecycle of your freshwater generator, from commissioning to preventive maintenance to intermediate or major service.

Alfa Laval Service Kits feature only genuine Alfa Laval spares and contain the most up-to-date parts. This ensures that your equipment uses the latest technology available. 

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  • Top performance
  • Highest reliability ‒ no unnecessary breakdowns
  • Perfect match – original parts designed for your equipment and operating conditions
  • Shorter order handling time – one order number for a complete service kit

Scope of supply

Alfa Laval Service Kits contain all the genuine spare parts required for a specific service event. This reduces order handling time and offers an advantage over purchasing individual parts, since multiple parts are needed for most maintenance procedures. If design changes have been made to a part, an updated part is automatically included.

The following Alfa Laval Service Kits are available for freshwater generators:

  • Compressor service/repair kits
    • Intermediate repairs
    • Major repair
  • Spare parts kits (AQUA Blue)
    • For frame parts
    • For freshwater pump
    • For ejector pump
    • For valve spares
    • For new instrument gauges
    • For ejector parts

Other 360° Service Portfolio services for your equipment

  • Cleaning Services for freshwater generators
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  • Commissioning Supervision for freshwater generators
  • Condition Audit for freshwater generators
  • Exchange for freshwater generator plate packs
  • Performance Audit for freshwater generators
  • Preventive Maintenance for freshwater generators
  • Reconditioning for freshwater generators
  • Redesign for freshwater generators
  • Repair for freshwater generators
  • Replacement & Retrofit for freshwater generators
  •  Service Tools for freshwater generators
  • Spare Parts for freshwater generators
  • Training for freshwater generators
  • Troubleshooting for freshwater generators