Improve profitability and sustainability

Thanks to its high performance and compact size, an Alfa Laval Packinox+ heat exchanger improves both profitability and sustainability in several ways.

Lower OPEX

  • The exceptional heat recovery in a Packinox+ makes it possible to reduce energy costs significantly when compared to a shell-and-tube solution
  • Recovering more energy often reduces cooling needs, cutting operating costs for cooling systems
  • The low pressure drop in a Packinox+ can reduce operating costs for compressors for gas applications
  • The highly turbulent flow minimizes fouling, reducing cleaning needs and leading to lower maintenance costs

Cost savings.png

Reduced CAPEX

Choosing a Packinox+ solution over a shell-and-tube-based alternative leads to significant CAPEX savings.

  • The compact size reduces costs for the actual heat exchanger and its supporting infrastructure
  • The higher level of energy recovery can lead to lower costs for boilers and cooling systems
  • The low pressure drop reduces the capacity requirements on pumps and compressors

Lower CAPEX.png

Increased production

Exchanging an existing shell-and-tube system for a Packinox+ not only cuts OPEX; it can also boost production capacity by resolving bottlenecks related to heating and cooling. Improving the heat recovery in the process reduces the load on steam boilers and cooling systems.

This new capacity can then be used for increasing production.

Increased production.png

Lower CO2 emissions

Many industrial applications still rely on fossil fuels for energy. Improved heat recovery means less energy needs to be added to the process, and consequently less fuel must be burned, with lower CO2 emissions as a result.

This not only benefits the planet and your sustainability profile, but can have a substantial monetary benefit to your bottom line, if you are operating in a region where emissions come at a cost.

Emission savings.png



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