Smit LNG

アルファ・ラバルのSmit LNG/LPGは、低圧と低い露点を使用した乾燥イナートガス発生装置です。

Smit LNG Inert Gas System modular design product image 640x360


冷却器は、耐用年数の間もつようにガス接触面はSUS 316製で、発生器の低温出力に合わせて最小スペースを占めています。冷却器は、チラーの水を使用して、あらゆる条件で熱放射を安定化します。



  • 容量: 1,500~25,000 m³
  • 構造: 燃焼 + 乾燥
  • 圧力: 0.3~0.4 bar (g)
  • 代表的酸素濃度: 0.5~1%
  • 燃料の種別: DMX、DMA、DMB
  • 燃料噴霧: 空気または蒸気
  • 露点: −45または−65°C(乾燥)
  • 推奨する据付対象: LNGタンカー、LPGタンカー、その他のガスタンカー、FPS(浮体式生産システム)


  • LNG運搬船
  • LPG運搬船


For gas- and chemical transportation the inert gas needs to be of high purity. For many applications, oxygen levels of 0.5% or even 0.1% are required, in combination with a water dew-point of about -45 °C and sometimes lower (-65 °C). Also here, the burner is the heart of the system as the inert gas needs to be absolutely soot free in the first place. This is achieved with the Ultramizing Combustion system. 


When the gas leaves the generator, it has the right composition, but it is saturated with 100% water and has to be dried.

The drying process takes place in two steps. In the first step of the refrigerant cooler, the gas temperature is lowered to 5 °C which results in condensation of a great quantity of water.

In the second stage the inert gas is dehumidified further in a double vessel type drying unit using activated alumina or adsorbent. The whole process operates under a pressure of about 0.3 bar(g).