Olmi melamine reactor

Alfa Laval’s Olmi melamine reactor reliably processes molten urea at high pressures into melamine. Its robust design, advanced welding and custom-engineering stand up to the toughest conditions. This reactor is the core component of a melamine plant, and can be installed downstream of a urea plant to broaden its product range and enhance profitability.

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Optimizing melamine production processes

Alfa Laval’s Olmi melamine reactor serves as the key component in melamine production. It is a high-pressure, high-temperature tubular reactor designed to handle severe operating conditions, including highly corrosive process solutions, with ease.

Special materials for reactors

Alfa Laval’s thermal and mechanical design experts choose the right materials for your melamine reactors based on your operating conditions and process media. These materials includes duplex and superduplex titanium, zirconium, high nickel alloys, and copper alloys.

Quality manufacturing capabilities

Alfa Laval Olmi melamine reactors are built and thoroughly tested in Alfa Laval’s own facilities to ensure the highest quality throughout every stage of fabrication and beyond – from design and engineering to advanced welding and production technology through to installation and commission. What’s more, all Alfa Laval Olmi reactors adhere to international codes and standards. With tight control throughout the entire reactor manufacturing process, you are assured of the highest possible product reliability.


A melamine reactor under construction