Technical information - Welded spiral heat exchangers

No supplier on the market has more experience than Alfa Laval when it comes to designing and manufacturing spiral heat exchangers. Over fifty years of expertise has gone into making them the ultimate solution to tough process problems. Keep reading to learn about the technology, available models and unique innovations that make it possible.

spiral heat exchanger core

How do spiral heat exchangers work

Spiral heat exchanger working principle

Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers are circular units containing two concentric spiral flow channels, one for each fluid. The different media flow counter currently: one fluid enters the centre of the unit and flows towards the periphery, the other enters the unit at the periphery and moves towards the centre. The channels are curved and have a uniform cross section. There is no risk of intermixing.

The product channel is normally open on one side and closed on the other. The channel for the heating/cooling medium can sometimes be closed on both sides, depending on the cleanliness of the heating/cooling medium. Each channel has one connection in the centre and one on the periphery of the heat exchanger.



Design of spiral heat exchangers

The single-channel geometry also creates a scrubbing effect that we refer to as the SelfClean™ design. If fouling does occur in the heat transfer channel, the cross-section of this part of the channel is decreased. However, since the entire flow must still pass through the channel, the velocity increases, the resulting fluid force then flushing away any accumulations of deposits as they form.

Compare this design with shell-and-tube heat exchangers where the flow enters different tubes in parallel. When tubes start to foul, pressure drop increases pushing the fluid to find alternative flow paths. The result is that fouling and clogging of the tubes happens very quickly. With Alfa Laval spirals, on the other hand, fouling and clogging is virtually eliminated.




Our welded spiral product range

液体/液体用 SpiralPro

アルファ・ラバルの SelfClean™構造により、SpiralProは、汚れた流体、スラッジ、エマルジョン液、スラリー、繊維または粒子を含む液体を流す場合において最善の選択となります。 流体は単一流路を連続的に流れるので、流速はあらゆる堆積物に対して作用し、それらが流路を通って出口側へ「押し出します」。

SpiralPro はコンパクトなので、複数の大型シェル&チューブ式熱交換器を1つのSpiralPro に置き換えることができます。これにより、メンテナンスや洗浄の必要性が減るだけでなく、設備投資にも大きなメリットがあります。 熱交換器の洗浄が必要な場合は、ハイドロジェットで洗うためにカバーを簡単に取り外すことができます。


  • 固形物、繊維、スラリー、スラッジを含む汚れた液体
  • 液体ー液体予熱、加熱、冷却および熱回収

蒸気ヒーターとしての SpiralPro

Alfa Laval SpiralPro

汚れがひどい液体の蒸気加熱に最適化された SpiralPro も提案可能です。 すべての SpiralPro と同様に、これらは高圧水で素早く簡単に洗浄するために、流路に完全にアクセス可能です。


  • 固形物または繊維、スラリー、スラッジを含む汚れた液体、および蒸気による加熱を必要とする汚れやすい流体

高真空蒸気の凝縮 SpiralCond

Alfa Laval SpiralCond

SpiralCond は、凝縮と蒸発(再沸騰)の両方を含む困難な二相の熱交換器に対して非常に効率的なソリューションを提供します。 SpiralCond は縦型でコンパクトなデザインのため、同等のシェル&チューブ式熱交換器に比べて設置面積が非常に小さく、同時にサポート構造と配管の複雑さも軽減されます。

SpiralCond ユニットは向流ではなくクロスフローを使用しています。 熱交換器は、仕様条件に応じて完全にカスタマイズされており、圧力損失が最小になるようにチャネル間隔が設計されています。 そのため、SpiralCond は高真空定規の凝縮用途に理想的です。


  • ガス:純蒸気および不活性ガスとの混合流体
  • 蒸気/液体:上部凝縮器、還流凝縮器、真空凝縮器、ベントコンデンサー、ファウリング流体を含むリボイラー、ガスクーラー 

塔頂に設置する SpiralCond

Alfa Laval SpiralCond

複数の冷却媒体が使用される凝縮のために、アルファ・ラバルはカラムに統合された SpiralCond モデル熱交換器を提供することができます。 単一独立型の SpiralCond と同様に、この構成にはクロスフローとオープンチャネルがあり、真空状況での圧力損失を非常に小さくすることができます。

高効率なSpiralCond により、従来のソリューションよりもカラムの高さを短くし、直径を小さくすることができるため、プラント全体の設備投資と設置コストを大幅に削減できます。


  • ガス/液:塔頂コンデンサ、リフラックスコンデンサ、真空凝縮器、ベントコンデンサー

Unique features of Alfa Laval Welded spiral heat exchangers



Superior cleaning and extended performance

The SelfClean design of Alfa Laval spirals provides a reliable solution for fouling and clogging in duties involving challenging fluids, sludges, emulsions, slurries, fibres or particle loaded liquids.

Each circuit on a spiral unit consists of a single flow channel. This continuously curving, single-channel geometry creates high turbulence to minimize fouling from the start. If fouling does start to occur, local velocity increases, since the entire flow must still pass through the channel. This creates a scrubbing effect that flushes away any accumulations of deposits as they form.

An additional benefit of this design is that it eliminates the risk of dead spots and stagnation for more efficient heat transfer.



Automated, reliable channel enclosure

The manufacturing of Alfa Laval’s spiral heat exchangers incorporates an automated process for bending the edge of the channels. This is followed by a cold-metal-transfer automatic welding machine for the final closure weld.

The combined effect of this so-called RollWeld technique is consistent quality of the channel closure. That, in turn, is critical for the strength and corrosion resistance of the channel welds and thus the reliability of the overall unit.



A custom solution for high-pressure duties

For customers whose processes demand higher design and differential pressures than traditional spiral heat exchangers can provide, Alfa Laval offers capabilities to fully tailor a unique solution to match their needs.

We design our HighP spiral heat exchangers using a range of features, including a double gasket system, a self-supporting internal coil, and a special body and shell with bolted cover. Our experienced engineers work with you throughout the design process to make sure you get the ideal heat exchanger for your specific challenges.



HEXpert 熱交換器選定ツール


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