Unique Mixproof Large Particle

For applications with very large particles or highly viscous fluids, this valve offers the same basic advantages as Unique mixproof valves but are specially designed with large openings up to 45 mm in diameter.

Unique Mixproof Large Particle w ThinkTop V70 640x360

Cost effective mixproof valve

Alfa Laval Unique mixproof valves feature two independent plugs, which means that a single Unique mixproof valve can often replace two or more valves of other types.

Exceptional spillage-free operation

A state-of-the-art double-seat design provides long-lasting, spillage-free operation thus minimizing the risk of product contamination. The use of double lip seals provides added protection to ensure safe and hygienic operation.

Easy valve to maintain and clean

Unique mixproof valves feature a top-loaded design, making maintenance fast and easy. It also features no adjustable components, a maintenance-friendly actuator and built-in leakage detection on all seals. Unique mixproof valves meet most hygienic standards and can be supplied with the optional SpiralClean cleaning system.

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You get the full benefit of using Unique mixproof valves by combining them with Alfa Laval ThinkTop and ThinkTop Basic valve sensing and control units.

Valve clusters - customized flow solutions 

We are specialists in providing pre-built valve clusters customized to meet specific, individual requirements.
Our expertise helps ensure you the most efficient flow management, using as few components as possible and dealing effectively with key issues that include thermal cycling, cleanability, drainability and flow control.
Alfa Laval valve clusters can be supplied pre-assembled and pre-tested as well as fully wired and with all the necessary pneumatic tubing, junction boxes and control panels pre-connected.
This means you can bring even complex installations online as quickly as possible, saving time and avoiding lost revenue associated with on-site troubleshooting and downtime. 

For more information, please refer to Documentation and to the Selection Guide (below).

For cost-effective alternatives to the Unique mixproof valve range, Alfa Laval also offers standard SMP mixproof valves. 

Product benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Safe and hygienic operation
  • Easy to maintain and clean


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Uniqueミックスプルーフ・バルブのコンセプトは、幅広い用途に対応するバルブボディ、バルブプラグ、アクチュエータ、洗浄オプション、付属品などの一連の基本コンポーネントをベースにしています。 これらのコンポーネントを使用すると、お客様はプロセス要件にぴったり合ったUniqueミックスプルーフバルブを構築できます。

また、メンテナンスを容易にするために、Uniqueミックスプルーフには、静的なOリングの摩耗や損傷を事前に知らせる漏れ検知穴があります。 オペレーターは、バルブを分解することなくいつでも視覚的に検査することができます。


アルファ・ラバルのUnique ミックスプルーフバルブは、圧縮エアによって圧縮エアによって遠隔操作される常時閉(NC)バルブです。

2つの液体を分離するために、バルブには2つの独立したプラグシールがあります。2つのシールの間の空間は、漏洩チャンバーを形成します。 不測の製品漏洩が発生した場合には、これが漏洩チャンバーへ流れ込み、漏洩出口を通じて排出されます。

バルブが開いている間、漏洩チャンバーは閉じています。 1 つのラインからべつのラインへ、漏れずに流すことができます。 バルブは、特定のプロセス要件およびバルブ構造によって、容易に洗浄したりウォーターハンマーの影響から保護することができます。 (バルブ作動中の漏出はありません)。

State-of-the-art horizontal mixproof valve

Based on the well proven and exceptionally versatile principle of the Unique Mixproof valves, this horizontal mixproof tank valve features many of the same components, such as the actuator, yoke and seals, and therefore the same spare parts. This provides the benefits of easy serviceability and low total cost of ownership.

Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Horizontal Tank Valve, can be fitted with any level of sensing and control. It is as standard supplied with seat lift, which enables handling of two different products at the same time, or safe handling of one product while seat-lift cleaning operations are being conducted in the other portion of the valve – all without any risk of cross-contamination. The double tangential design of the valve body ensures full drainability, especially when the valve is mounted at the bottom of a flat-bottomed tank.

360 ° サービスとメンテナンスに関するビデオ

アルファ・ラバルのUniqueミックスプルーフバルブ - アキシャル・シールの交換

アルファ・ラバルのUniqueミックスプルーフバルブ - ラジアルシールを交換

アルファ・ラバルのUniqueミックスプルーフバルブ - 製品の接液シールの交換