Alfa Laval heat exchangers cut energy costs at India's largest specialty chemicals plant

Balaji Amines Limited (BAL) India, operates in the niche market specialty chemicals and aliphatic amines. An Alfa Laval customer since 2002, BAL has 48 Compabloc compact heat exchangers installed for heat recovery duties in the production of amines.

DATE 2022-02-03

Managing Director Prathap Reddy is not only impressed with the role the Compablocs have played in reducing energy costs, he also appreciates the high level of process know-how and professional service his company gets from Alfa Laval.

This first installation of eight Compablocs alone laid the foundation for savings of around USD 700,000 per year. Today, BAL has 48 Compablocs, 20 spiral heat exchangers, six semiwelded heat exchangers and 12 gasketed heat exchangers from Alfa Laval in its plants. The heat exchangers are used as condensers, reboilers, vaporizers and coolers.

Alfa Laval Compabloc heat exchangerコンパクトで全溶接型の熱交換器であるCompablocは、さまざまな媒体で、高温高圧で動作するように設計されています。 



  • Small footprint – compact design in relation to heat transfer efficiency
  • Load on vent and secondary condenser is negligible
  • Fully welded, no recurring cost for gaskets
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for all aggressive media due to lack of gaskets
  • Low maintenance
  • Close temperature approach, ref. load is eliminated

Customer's voice

We just state our requirements and they provide suitable solutions. They also make suggestions for improving our processes.

Prathap Reddy, Managing Director