India's biggest paper mills chose AlfaCond from Alfa Laval

When Sirpur Paper Mill decided to invest in a brand-new evaporation plant for processing and reusing the mill waste known as “black liquor,” Executive Director SK Khare knew exactly where to turn. He had worked successfully on many projects with Alfa Laval during his 25 years in the paper business. And this latest project has proven just as successful.

DATE 2023-11-28

The final results? Better volume, cleanliness and profitability

At the Sirpur Paper Mill, the AlfaCond condenser operates in the last stage of the black liquor evaporation system, separating out non-condensable gases along with highly contaminated vapors from the 5th, 6th and 7th effects. 

It allows Sirpur to separate out highly contaminated condensate for disposal. So the quality of the remaining condensate is better now, and it can be used as hot process water in Sirpur's caustisizing plant.


Condensing plays an important part in process industries of virtually all kinds, including (energy), chemicals and food.

 AlfaCond plate condenser


  • Evaporation increased from 3.5 tons per ton of steam to 6.5 tons per ton of steam
  • Improved quality of remaining condensate
  • Lower installation costs
  • Less space needed for installation
  • Less maintenance

Challenge and solution

The company wanted to increase capacity, save energy and get the best possible quality and steam economy out of their investment in a new falling film evaporation plant for handling black liquor.

The complete solution at Sirpur Paper Mills includes both shell-and-tube heat exchangers and AlfaCond, working side-by-side for a highly efficient and extremely compact alternative to bulky conventional shell-and-tube units alone.