Sparking up HVAC in the metropolitan area of Milan

Alfa Laval supplies AHRI performance certified heat exchangers for a healthier and more sustainable living and working environment.

DATE 2023-11-28


With the supply of 8 AHRI performance certified gasketed plate heat exchangers for an HVAC office and commercial building project in the Milan area, Alfa Laval provides optimal sustainable products for the LEED and WELL certified buildings, Spark One and Spark Two, in Milan’s Santa Guilia district. In the same area, a new Sport Hall is being built for the XXV Olympic Winter games in 2026.

The Spark complex is among the first examples in Italy following the LEED and WELL certification guidelines, a recently introduced building design protocol that considers the livability and well-being of the working environment by promoting a healthier and more productive work setting. By designing the buildings from a health-focused perspective considering elements such as air and water quality, thermal comfort, acoustic aspects, ergonomics, choice of materials, physical movement, and mental well-being, it encourages a more sustainable building approach.

These new buildings are designed and built according to the newest concepts and norms to ensure energy efficiency. Alfa Laval heat exchangers are enabling efficient heating and cooling to save energy and thereby reduce CO2 emissions.” - Marco Gesilao, GP Clima

Meeting LEED and WELL criteria with sustainable design

The HVAC design is a cooperation between Alfa Laval, GP Clima - the Italian energy partner - and the customer, Gianni Benvenuto. Gianni Benvenuto is one of the most renowned contractors in the domestic HVAC market.

Together they met the end-customer’s needs in achieving the LEED and WELL certifications by delivering a heating and cooling system that is an energy efficient, smart and sustainable solution with AHRI performance certification as a base. Alfa Laval’s new generation of plate heat exchangers are setting new standards in energy efficiency, reliability, and serviceability.

Installation gasketed plate heat exchanger

Optimal products for environmentally sound projects

The AHRI performance certified gasketed plate heat exchangers provided Alfa Laval with a competitive advantage owing to its key features suitable to the project specification. Close temperature approach and branded features such as OmegaPort™ and CurveFlow™ matched the required HVAC solution perfectly.

The tight delivery time of one month from order placement for the first order for Spark One posed a challenge but all involved granted full support in achieving the customer’s requirement. Together with the strong customer relationship, the continued trusting partnership with GP Clima, the extensive project specific knowledge and high product quality, plus the broad sustainability approach, resulted in Alfa Laval being the preferred partner for this project.

“This project opens up for more similar projects where Alfa Laval can be a strong partner in delivering environmentally sound and sustainable solutions”, says Bianca Restantia, Sales Manager Energy Division HVAC Northwest Regional. “It strengthens our position as a cleantech company and proves us to be an innovative company with new approaches and the right features to deliver products to these kinds of projects”.

Alfa Laval continually grants its presence, knowledge and dedication, showing to be one step ahead of the competition. Providing highly efficient heat exchangers together with the long-lasting collaboration with partner GP Clima and the reliable relationship, Alfa Laval was the obvious choice for this project.” - Gianni Benvenuto, HVAC contractor

Scope of supply

Spark-One – 4 AHRI performance certified heat exchangers:

  • 1 x AQ10T-MFM
  • 1 x AQ2L-FM
  • 2 x AQ10T-BFM

Spark-Two – 4 AHRI performance certified heat exchangers:

  • 2 x AQ6T-BFM
  • 1 x AQ6T-MFM
  • 1 x AQ4L-FM


In a rapidly expanding context in Milan area where once there was a steel mill and a chemical plant, the new LEED and WELL certified buildings are the natural path towards a more sustainable future, where our AHRI plate heat exchangers play a key role,” declares Stefano Meloni, GPHE Business Unit Manager and Product Manager Heat Exchangers Alfa Laval Adriatic.