Residential heat pumps

Alfa Laval has a long, successful track record of providing advanced, highly efficient heat exchanger solutions that optimize the performance of residential heat systems. As the heating landscape shifts dramatically, heat pumps are replacing boilers. This fuels a rising need for optimized exchangers, serving as efficient evaporators and condensers for reversible heat pumps.

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Why you should choose Alfa Laval for residential heat pump solutions

  • Alfa Laval’s brazed heat exchangers offer unparalleled thermal efficiency and mechanical performance to ensure optimal condensation and evaporation in any application.
  • Thanks to substantial investments in our production facilities, we have bolstered our capacity to meet the increasing demand for air conditioning solutions, ensuring a seamless supply chain and timely delivery.
  • Our proactive R&D teams help you stay at the forefront, offering the latest sustainable heat transfer solutions for the HVAC industry.
  • Benefit from our worldwide reach, facilitated by local service centers across the globe, ensuring efficient service wherever you are.
  • Alfa Laval stands as a future-proof choice. When you choose us, you invest in solutions that evolve with the industry’s changing landscape, providing you enduring value.

Trends in Industry

Recognized as a pivotal technology in decarbonizing heat, heat pumps have garnered increasing policy support across numerous countries in recent years. According to the IEA, these pumps possess the potential to limit global CO2 emissions by a staggering 500 million tonnes by 2030—an amount equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of the entire European automotive fleet.

Despite presently catering to just 10% of the global building heating demand, heat pumps are making substantial strides with a robust double-digit growth, particularly pronounced in Europe (IEA).

Within the realm of contemporary heating and cooling systems, the pursuit of maximum efficiency remains the main objective. In the case of heat pumps, this is effectively achieved by meticulously controlling the temperature differential between the evaporator and condenser. Consequently, the optimization of heat exchangers tailored to specific system requirements emerges as a critical factor.

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Creating an energy-efficient indoor climate

Heat pumps are highly efficient, electrically driven systems primarily employed to heat residential structures and generate hot tap water. In their reversible mode, they also facilitate cooling operations.

Within the refrigeration cycle, heat emerges through a condensation process and is subsequently channeled to either air or water. Serving as versatile components, Alfa Laval's brazed plate heat exchangers play dual roles—operating as either liquid evaporators or condensers and even serving as economizers.

Alfa Laval residential heat pump solutions

Brazed plate heat exchangers


  • Lightweight copper-brazed construction with a small footprint
  • Greater thermal efficiency than comparable shell-and-tubes
  • Flexible options to fit a variety of applications with all different types of media/fluids
  • Ideal for natural and low-GWP refrigerants
  • AlfaNova fusion-bonded, all stainless-steel heat exchangers are ideal in situations where one of the media is corrosive.

Gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers


  • Flexible solutions that can be adapted to the duty ensuring highest thermal efficiency
  • Compact designs save space and are easy to service and maintain
  • Solutions to reduce fouling, stress and corrosion for maximum uptime

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers


  • For air and process conditioning duties, with patented distribution system and dedicated design for respectively positive or negative temperatures.
  • Cover all dry expansion duties up to 2000 kW
  • Flexible solutions that can be adapted to the duty ensuring highest thermal efficiency



  • Unique design means that AlfaNova can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures with greater fatigue resistance
  • Suitable for duties with very high hygiene demands

Explore our case stories

Do you want to reduce your energy consumption and costs while improving comfort and sustainability? Our case studies showcase numerous applications where our heat exchangers have made a difference. Gain insights into how to achieve your energy efficiency goals and discover the benefits of our solutions.


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