Thermal power

火力発電は、世界の電力供給を支えています。 需要の増加とより厳しい規制により、信頼性が高く、環境に配慮した、費用対効果の高い方法で電力を供給する新たな方法を見つけることが求められています。 アルファラバルは、タービン駆動の発電所で蒸気と熱を生成し、プロセスを最適化するためのより良い効率的な方法を提案します。


Boosting efficiency and reliability

Enhance the performance and the energy efficiency of your power plant with compact, cost-effective systems from Alfa Laval. Our systems work to ensure the most efficient and reliable operation of your plant.

Alfa Laval’s broad portfolio includes gasketed heat exchangers, welded heat exchangers, air coolers, filters, separation technologies, industrial boilers, waste heat recovery units and other equipment. Improving control over energy input helps reduce operating costs, boost plant reliability and uptime, and extend the service life of critical systems.

Our comprehensive range of solutions for thermal power plants include:

  • Fuel oil systems
  • Lube oil treatment
  • Transformer oil treatment
  • Flue gas desulphurization and gypsum dewatering
  • Gas performance heaters
  • Gas cleaning and CO2 capture
  • Generator cooling
  • Feed water pre-heating
  • District heating condensers/boilers
  • Steam turbine condensers
  • Lube oil coolers
  • Gas turbine sealing and purge air coolers
  • Air heat exchangers
  • Blow down coolers
  • Gland steam condensers
  • Closed cooling water systems
  • Self-cleaning filters for seawater, river water or other "dirty" water applications