PureSOx Connect

Data-driven services that bring new ways to save time and money

Alfa Laval PureSOx Connect is a proprietary Alfa Laval software platform. It connects your Alfa Laval PureSOx system to the Internet of Things, allowing you to reap the benefits of dynamic big data analysis.

What we do

PureSOx Connect comprises a growing portfolio of data-driven services that bring you new ways to save time and money. The platform builds on two main components: the Alfa Laval Remote Emission Monitor (ALREM) on board the vessel and the Alfa Laval data cloud.

The ALREM is a data reporting and storage device which, once integrated with your PureSOx system, provides full insight into your system’s performance, both now and in the future. It does so by actively collecting PureSOx system data with the possibility of sending it securely to the Alfa Laval cloud for processing, using the latest cybersecurity measures.

In its most basic form, PureSOx Connect simplifies compliance reporting on any vessel equipped with the ALREM. Its real strength, however, lies in applying advanced real-time analytics to the collected data. In this way, PureSOx Connect can – over time – predict your system’s maintenance needs and even provide advance warnings of a potential part or system failure.

24/7 service and support

Please call our 24/7 hotline: +46 4636 7700 or send an e-mail to marine.service@alfalaval.com


  • Easy proof of compliance through generated reports, automatically customized to local legislation
  • Reduced operating costs through system optimization and prediction of required corrective actions
  • Minimized risk of unscheduled repairs and downtime
  • Remote access to system status, diagnostic data and performance insight
  • Performance benchmarking of vessels in your fleet
  • Data-driven savings advice
  • Services continuously improved through self-learning features and newly developed predictive models

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PureSOx Connect. Data-driven services that bring new ways to save time and money.

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Scope of service

Accessible on a monthly subscription basis, PureSOx Connect offers the following modules:


There is no more need for complicated and time-consuming analysis of scrubber compliance data. The compliance module automatically generates localized graph-based reports, which can be handed over to the authorities directly for worry-free proof of compliance.


When needed, PureSOx diagnostic data can be collected and sent or accessed remotely for use by Alfa Laval engineers, providing insight into your system’s status and performance. The root causes of an alarm or system failure can be identified and analysed, potentially allowing it to be solved directly.

In addition, PureSOx Connect continuously analyses your scrubber system’s performance, in order to predict any part or system failure before it actually occurs.


PureSOx Connect benchmarking features make it possible to compare the connected vessels within your fleet. They assist you in benchmarking each vessel’s PureSOx performance to reach higher levels of optimization, which reduces your operating costs over time.

Scope of supply

PureSOx Connect can be implemented on any Alfa Laval PureSOx system, regardless of configuration.

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