Unlock sustainability with Alfa Laval separators

Sustainable dairy production starts with making sure that precious resources don’t go to waste. This goes for raw milk, but also for the electricity used to power equipment and the water used to cool and clean it. Thanks to a strong focus on efficiency in every aspect, Alfa Laval’s dairy separators come with built-in sustainability.

Economize power usage with Alfa Laval separators


Making every drop count

Alfa laval’s unique Hermetic Design provides low shear in the feed inlet zone, securing gentle product acceleration into the separator. Equally low shear inside the bowl ensures gentle product handling during the separation process. This minimizes product loss and increases separation efficiency. Making sure that not a drop of milk is unnecessarily wasted.

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Using power wisely

Hermetic Design also enables big savings in energy consumption. Thanks to the improved fluid dynamics of air-tight centrifuges, Alfa Laval separators run on 60% less energy than traditional alternatives. To give energy efficiency an extra boost we have developed eMotion. By minimizing air friction in the separator bowl, eMotion brings the energy saving to 70%. Tangibly reducing the environmental impact of dairy production.

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Cutting back on water use

Alfa Laval dairy separators are self-cleaning. Thanks to Hermetic Design and our innovative UniDisc disc stack, cleaning is faster and uses less water and CIP liquid than traditional separators. Additional water savings can be made with eMotion. By removing air around the separator bowl, eMotion reduces friction. Cutting the amount of water needed to cool the separator during operation.

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Separators for every application

Alfa Laval was born from the invention of the modern milk separator. Today, we cover the full scope of dairy separation applications. With unique innovations to increase profitability and sustainability in your process, no matter your product.

Dairy processing


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Alfa Laval separation equipment plays a critical role in all types of dairies, in all parts of the world. To best serve this market, we work with Tetra Pak as our Global Alliance partner and other selected process integrators in selected regions. Please contact us to connect to an Alfa Laval partner in your region.


Saving energy, cutting costs

Alfa Laval separators with Hermetic Design are the most energy-efficient on the market. When our unique eMotion technology is added, minimized air friction brings additional power reduction. Combined, our unique design and technologies can deliver up to 70% energy reduction compared to non-hermetic alternatives on the market.

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