Economize power usage with Alfa Laval separators

When you choose an Alfa Laval dairy separator, you can be confident that there are immediate savings to be made. We build your equipment to be as energy efficient as possible, enabling you to cut back on utility costs as well as reducing your environmental impact.

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It starts with Hermetic Design

Alfa Laval dairy separators are made with our unique Hermetic Design as a standard. With an airtight bowl improving the fluid dynamics, the separator consumes up to 60% less power than non-hermetic alternatives.

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eMotion takes it further

eMotion is a unique energy-saving module, available as an add-on for many of Alfa Laval’s dairy separators. By creating a near-vacuum around the separator bowl, eMotion reduces air friction enough to improve energy efficiency with up to 20%. And there are additional benefits of eMotion, such as reduced noise levels, lower cooling requirements, and improved cleanability.

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Separators for every application

Alfa Laval was born from the invention of the modern milk separator. Today, we cover the full scope of dairy separation applications. With unique innovations to increase profitability and sustainability in your process, no matter your product.

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Contact us to find our dairy partners

Alfa Laval separation equipment plays a critical role in all types of dairies, in all parts of the world. To best serve this market, we work with Tetra Pak as our Global Alliance partner and other selected process integrators in selected regions. Please contact us to connect to an Alfa Laval partner in your region.


Sustainable is our standard

Alfa Laval wants to help dairy producers make optimal use of every resource in their process. That’s why we build high-efficiency dairy separators that prevent product waste while consuming less energy and water, thanks to unique innovations. Letting you deliver top-quality products that leave a smaller environmental footprint.

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