More product without increased waste

Hexion Specialty Chemicals in Rotterdam produces Cardura – a brand name car paint base product. With an increased market demand for Cardura, the company investigated how they could boost the capacity of their process. Although the production plant itself was capable to produce much more without major modifications, governmental regulations for the amount of waste products were bottle necking the production capacity.

DATE 2023-11-28

In one of the process steps there is a side reaction where water forms unwanted by-products. More production would therefore automatically lead to more waste products. A solution to this was found by evaporating water from a recycle stream in the process.

Alfa Laval delivered a very compact plug-and-play 2-stage evaporation system, without modifications in the production plant itself. This resulted in 20% more production without increasing the amount of waste products.


AlfaVap works magic on any company's evaporation and condensation costs. AlfaVap units take up much less expensive space, thus greatly reducing the investment cost.

 AlfaVap evaporator

Customer's voice

With the help of Alfa Laval equipment we have managed to easily increase our production capacity. As can be expected from our good operators, we managed to operate the Alfa Laval system far beyond expectations. Soon we will increase our production even more!

John van de Kreke
Production Manager