Service for Alfa Laval Aalborg marine boilers

Since 1919, Alfa Laval has supplied the maritime industry with over 45,000 premium marine boilers, thermal fluid heaters, and economizers. Over the years, our marine boilers have demonstrated not only superior reliability but also our unwavering commitment to providing cost-effective technical service and support. Our service engineers devise solutions that incorporate environmentally compatible technologies and comply with the latest industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing a future-focused approach that minimizes environmental impact.

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Dry dock service for Aalborg boilers

Key offerings


Spare parts

At Alfa Laval, we offer an extensive selection of marine boiler components and spare parts that are not only meticulously designed to optimize operational efficiency but also to ensure cost-effectiveness. Original OEM - Spare parts Equipment upgrades Service kits

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Repair and retrofit

Alfa Laval Repair for boilers restores your equipment to good-as-new condition and can even be used to extend boiler life. It can be a more cost-effective option than buying new parts, or in the worst case buying and installing a new marine boiler.

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Technical support for Aalborg marine boilers

Technical support for Aalborg marine boiler is all you need to know about operating steam and heating equipment. Here you will find advice and insights from our experienced engineers on a variety of operational challenges.

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Combustion control services

Your marine boiler’s efficiency depends on optimized combustion, which is secured by the control system as well as the burner itself. Not only can we evaluate combustion performance and restore, maintain or improve burner operations, we can also bring your existing control system up to today’s intuitive standard.

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